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Music Driven Virtual Reality

"...an intense musical adventure..." - Computer Graphics World
" The experience is really exciting and beautiful..." - CyberEdge Journal
" Just another VR experience with cool graphics? Not quite." - Silicon Graphics World

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Opera Totale, Teatro Toniolo, Venice Italy, Nov 7-8, 1997.
Virtual Reality Education Foundation Inc., Exploratorium, San Francisco, Feb 12, 1997.
Experience Music Project, Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Dec 13, 1996 - Feb 2, 1997.
SIGGRAPH '96, Digital Bayou, New Orleans, Aug 6-8, 1996.
intermediaWORLD '96, VR Garden, San Francisco, March 5-7, 1996.
IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging, Sculpting 3D Worlds with Music, San Jose, Feb 2, 1996.
SIGGRAPH '95, Interactive Entertainment, Los Angeles, Aug 8-10, 1995.
Fakespace Music presents a completely new type of virtual reality experience. In our worlds, sound is the fuel used to drive a continuous stream of stereoscopic graphics, all in temporal harmony with the music. Itís like nothing ever seen before, a "music video" where the user is completely immersed and free to explore a world generated by music.

With the understanding that music is more than just audio, Fakespace Music developed the Soundsculpt Toolkit, a software interface which allows the world of music to communicate with the graphical elements of virtual reality. Cues extracted from either live or recorded music are able to create geometry and control object behaviors within a virtual world. Three-dimensional objects respond in sync with the music, creating a rich, multi-sensory experience.

Using the Soundsculpt Toolkit, Fakespace Music produces dynamic visual music experiences, known as Soundscapes, which totally engulf the visitor as they enter the virtual world. As the music begins, they are transported into a virtual world in which the graphics are completely controlled by what they hear. Objects gyrate in real-time to the tempo of the music. Kaleidoscopic mandalas pulse to the beat. Geometry appears and moves about to the rhythm. Melodies draw colorful trails across the sky as the visitor moves through the virtual space, discovering new visions at every turn of the head.

The first Soundscape, "Vacuii", premiered in the Interactive Entertainment Hall at Siggraph Ď95. Public response confirmed just how captivating such a musically based immersive experience could be. "Still Life" was then presented in New Orleans as part of the Digital Bayou at Siggraph '96. The two pieces demonstrated how completely different types of experiences can be created using the Soundsculpt Toolkit.

In its first installation open to the general public, Fakespace Music was seen at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle as part of the Experience Music Project's critically acclaimed show "Strats, Studios and the Seattle Sound". This exhibit offered visitors the chance to explore spaces in a state-of-the-art virtual environment created specifically for the exhibit, which highlighted the many contributions made by musicians hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Due to popular demand, this show (originally scheduled to run Dec 13, 1996 to Jan 20, 1997) was extended by two weeks.

These music driven virtual realities open up several possibilities for new types of artistic and entertainment experiences, such as fully immersive 3D music videos and interactive landscapes for live performance. Artists can create landscapes which transform in direct relationship with their live music. Location Based Entertainment centers can offer these experiences as a new form of entertainment for their guests, more emotionally engaging and spatially challenging than typical video game style experiences.

These pieces are presented either by using a stereoscopic display for total first-person immersion or large scale projection of the real-time images for larger audience experiences. The Soundsculpt Toolkit runs on any Silicon Graphics computer capable of running Performer.

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